SpeechStickers: Basic Sounds playfully motivates young children with significant speech delays to practice the basic building blocks of speech.

Basic Sounds is ideal for children with very few speech sounds who need to expand their repertoire of individual phonemes.

Basic Sounds is designed to be played with an adult who can monitor the child's progress and provide appropriate feedback on the production of the speech sounds.

Designed by a certified speech-language pathologist.

Basic Sounds was created to help non-verbal and minimally-verbal children learn and practice early emerging consonant and vowel speech sounds in isolation and combinations. It addresses the need for an App that can be used in the beginning stage of speech therapy with children who are building a repertoire of individual consonants and vowels before moving on to word level productions. 

Once a child understands how to produce a sound correctly, many repetitions are often required to master the coordinated oral movements of speech so that the patterns become second nature. In traditional speech therapy, the necessary practice can become tedious for young children.

SpeechStickers: Basic Sounds encourages and rewards kids for practicing their speech. The therapist/adult begins a session by selecting a target sound to practice. The child chooses one of the five character stickers, places it on the screen, and repeats the sound the character makes. The therapist/adult provides feedback and discreetly scores the child's attempt. Play continues until the child has completed a set of stickers, and is then rewarded with their choice of an entertaining animation.

It is our hope that SpeechStickers helps children find their own voice in the world.

A train is one of 10 surprising and amusing animations the child can choose as a reward after completing a practice set.

Video: SpeechStickers in Action

The video to the left is a real-world example of how a therapist and child typically interact with SpeechStickers.

Recorded during a therapy session, this clip shows one set of stickers played for each of two sounds: /ma/ and /u/.

SpeechStickers is designed to be used under the guidance and direction of a certified speech-language pathologist (SLP). Since motor speech disorders and Childhood Apraxia of Speech are communication disorders, the most qualified professional to provide assessment, evaluation and diagnosis is a certified SLP.

Parents who are concerned about their child's speech and language development should first seek guidance from a qualified SLP before embarking on any treatment or intervention.