Welcome to Seriously Sticky

We are a small company dedicated to creating fun and functional apps for speech-language pathologists. Our goal is to create apps that provide focused content that will really stick. We strive to create apps that enhance therapy interactions and promote active involvement from both the student and therapist.

Founded in 2010, Seriously Sticky is a collaboration between speech-language pathologist, Carol Fast, project manager, Aimee Lahann, and programmer Phil Trieb.  Together, the Seriously Sticky team seeks to explore new ways to bring technology into everyday therapy. Carol's 25 years of speech and language therapy experience guides the curriculum development while Phil & Aimee's tech smarts help realize the interactive experience.

Children learn best when they are having fun. We work hard to be sure that our apps are entertaining and engaging for kids while also directly addressing speech and language objectives. Our apps are a valuable addition to the toolbox of activities and techniques that SLPs use daily.