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“Cool! One of my favorite apps has just been updated. Updates are free for anyone who already owns the app. Speech Stickers added 2 new vowels & 2 more diphthongs. It now has 14 consonants, 9 vowels and 3 diphthongs that can be targeted in isolation or as CVs or VCs. Kids LOVE the stickers and animations.”

-Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP,

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“This application is great for young students because of the multi-sensory way to practice as well as the age appropriate images and animations.”

-Jessica Chase Solari,

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“Speech Stickers is the first app that I downloaded for Ashlynn (my daughter with apraxia) when she had first turned three...It has been almost three years since I have used this app for Ashlynn, but the app lives on with all of my clients!  Kids of all ages and disabilities LOVE this app….I could go on!  Really, I can’t say enough about this app.”

- Laura Smith,

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“At first glance, I didn't think I would love this app, but boy was I fooled.  It has quickly grown to become one of our favorite speech therapy apps.  It's in our top 3 favorites for sure.”

- Michelle Brunson,

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“So today I thought I would write about one of my favourite articulation apps – Speech Stickers – Beginning Speech Sounds.  It was one of the first apps I bought and I still use it every week!...This app was designed by a speech and language therapist and has some lovely ideas in!”

- Elizabeth Gunner

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"I have a 7 year old student that has Cerebral Palsy and Apraxa of Speech.  I have been looking for something a little more interactive (and attention keeping) to use. Speech Stickers was and is exactly what I was looking for! ...

The key to motor speech disorder therapy is repetition, repetition, repetition.  I like that this app gives you the option to change/choose how many trials the student needs to complete before their reinforcement is earned. [SpeechStickers] is clearly designed with motor speech disorders in mind. The average articulation apps do not work for children with Apraxia.  I love that this app has so many phoneme isolation/combination options.”

- Kristin Cummings

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“This is a wonderful, motivating app that helps patients practice very early developing sounds and sound combinations.  All basic sounds are targeted in isolation or a consonant-vowel or vowel-consonant format.”

- Vicki Clarke,

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